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CoderGirlz was established in 2014 as a Fresno Unified School District STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Education Extracurricular Program for female students. CoderGirlz allows schools, to better support k-12th grade students who are curious about coding, robotics, and technology in general.

Although our program is named CoderGirlz, everyone is welcome to join. Our vision is to create an inclusive and fun atmosphere for all students to come and learn about STEAM/STEM in a safe and open arms environment. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

The program will help students build self-confidence and interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. It will also prepare students for Computer Science courses offered at schools.

CoderGirlz focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of a variety of resourceful skills like coding, robotics, 3D printing, 3D design, and game design. Not only that, but students also have the opportunity to practice their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity in a safe and fun environment.

Although there is a diverse balance of students enrolled in introductory technology courses at the middle school level is close, it decreases dramatically at the high school level. Let’s change these statistics, and create CoderGirlz at your Fresno Unified school site!

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